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Why is THATMMASHOP no longer carrying products in stock? 

THATMMASHOP has always been an online retailer and since 2010, we've carried and dealt with 70 over MMA brands from Asia, Europe and North America. Unlike other MMA retailers, we take pride in bringing in "alternative brands" that can't be found in our region. We are the innovators, no doubt. However after 7 years in the industry, we realize that we have to move towards a different direction. 

Are your products legitimate? 

THATMMASHOP deals directly with manufacturing factories, brands, distributors and other retailers.We wouldn't be in business this long if we ain't legitimate. If you have any query with regards to the authenticity of your product, please contact us

Do you offer wholesale? 

Yes we do, we also offer customized apparel and gear options due to our network of factories, brands and distributors. Please contact us for more details. 

I am interested in starting my own brand, are you able to share your network of factories, brands, distributors and retailers? 

We spent a lot of time, effort, money, blood, sweat and tears to build up our own network and connection, so i deeply apologize for declining your request. However if you are interested in starting a brand and need a factory or manufacturer, feel free to contact us

I have a shipping related question? 

Please click here.  

Your prices shows in my currency, why am i being billed in SGD?

THATMMASHOP is a business registered in Singapore, the prices shows in your currency due to a built in app, however you will be billed in SGD during checkout. 

I have a question but it is not answered here.

Please contact us