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Are you active on social media? 

Do you have a substantial social media following? 

Do you want to capitalize on your social media following, give your followers some perks and earn some $$$ yourself along the way? 

If your answer is YES! YES! YES! then hit us up for a chat and let's discuss further on how you can make some $$$ with TMS. 

This is not some MLM scheme, THATMMASHOP has been around for ages and we are now in a new era. How much $$$ you earn depends on how hard you wish to work and as the saying goes, nothing is free in this world.

You promote, your social media followers get some perks, you get paid. 

We pay via Bank Transfer or Paypal, whichever works for you. 

This position is open to anyone in the world and is not limited to just Singaporeans. 

We are only interested in hardworking individuals who seriously want to earn some extra pocket $$$ and not young punks wanting a handout for doing nothing thus do note that we are selective in our processes. 

Add us on facebook via TMS Owner for an informal chat if you are interested!